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SurnameInitialHome NumberMobile Number
Bartram N.J.07496 325155
BaylissN.L.01938 55250807891525001
Bennett N.01974 200808 07957901583
BodenhamC.W.01588 640486
Bradford S L.01597 85006007967964338
ChildsT.R.07854 231376
CorfieldC.D.01597 860635 07918700536
CurtisP.A.01874 65867107790 389608
DaviesJ.W.01974 202216 07966653337
Davies M.J.01974 83147807980948239
Edwards R.G.01970 88086107972 216190
Evans G.W.01239 654893 07989977180
Evans R.01443 83940307791915578
Farrington M.S.01686 62765707886244384
FisherS.J.01597 829232 07919176864
Hughes D.M.01938 58053407800504091
JenkinsR.C.01970 82870407971494727
Jenkins R.I.01938 59022507866506145
Jones A.R.01570 47046007966506720
Jones H.07929001068
LewisC.J.01874 620008 07951137384
Lewis G.D.01686 688586
Mills A D01597 82583307779158675
MorganD.E.01239 65484207852855190
Pryce E.T.01686 68852907975741139
Pugh M.D.01588 68044907779553965
Rutter N.B.01686 63015607962374125
Sears C.M.07880765638

The League Executive Committee will keep the above list of referees under constant review.

Only class “3A” and above referees qualify for the above list.

Officials appointed to games should arrive at the ground 45 minutes before kick-off.

Officials are requested at all times when practicable to travel in one car.

Match Officials must reply within four days to communication received regarding appointments.

Match results must be posted not later than 48 hours after the game, together with copy of any misconduct reports forwarded to The Football Association of Wales.

Late starts, teams starting games short of players, also late arrivals of Officials, must be reported.

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